Jaśmina Wójcik


Visual artist, film director, author oriented toward listening and participative social and artistic initiatives. She is involved in inclusion and activation of communities deprived of visibility and opportunities for expression. She co-edited the book Art and Social Activism (2018), based on her best-known venture: long-term activity with the community of former workers at the tractor factory in Ursus, crowned by the award-winning creative documentary, which she directed, Symphony of the Ursus Factory (2018). For several years she has been involved in empathetic education through development of unique practices for artistic expression by children. She recognizes children’s agency and subjectivity, treating them as co-authors and inviting them to join in dialogue. Currently Wójcik is mainly focused on grass-roots educational practices, the fruits of which will include her new film based on Janusz Korczak’s novel King Matt the First.