Katarzyna Domagalska


Historian of art and architecture, she directs the Education Department at the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning (NIAiU). She is involved in architectural education and popularization of knowledge and research on protection of the architectural and urban planning heritage of Polish regions. She is the author of guides to best architectural practices for specific districts of Warsaw, addressing the protection of the modernist heritage. She is the co-author of educational films (Architecture: Exercises in Thinking) and children’s books (Little Architect: Toolkit for Viewing the City). She is coordinator and co-author of the educational programme “Shaping Space” of the Chamber of Polish Architects (Izba Architektów RP) for Polish primary and secondary schools. She heads the work of the Universal Architectural Education Team at NIAiU. She is a member of the International Union of Architects network for Built Environment Education (UIA Architecture & Children). She is the substantive director of the interdisciplinary course of study “Archiculture: Architectural Educator” established by NIAiU, the Pedagogical University of Kraków, Kraków University of Technology, and Gdańsk University of Technology.